Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

The E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires organizations to provide insight into their data processes and show they comply with the regulation. Organizations that fail to comply can face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of their global turnover, whichever is higher. effacts has developed a data privacy tool that allows you to track and manage personal data within your organization. The powerful reporting capabilities help you mitigate risks and proactively manage data breaches.

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Does your company struggle to efficiently track and manage your organization’s privacy-sensitive data?

Track data processes and establish a game-plan for data breaches

With effacts, consolidate all your data privacy documents and information in a single repository. Reduce the complexity of data management and speed up your response time to regulatory compliance.

How effacts can help you comply with GDPR:

  1. Central repository for all data privacy documents
  2. Track & report on all your data processes
  3. Control use of personal data and reduce risk
  4. Generate reports on data breaches, outline next-steps

Welcome to effacts, your smart legal dashboard.

Simple and affordable smart cloud-based software to transform your company’s legal information from a burden into a strategic advantage. One secure place to manage and report on all your entities, contracts, compliance, claims and corporate housekeeping. Simple, smart tools that give you superpowers.

With effacts, manage all your legal information in one secure database:

Total control of your legal matters

Manage roles & permissions

Empower the business to access and manage legal documents while you retain oversight and control. Set access levels according to department or employee, and choose who sees what in effacts.

Search and access in one click

Access legal data anywhere, anytime

Easily organise all of your legal contracts, documents and emails in one secure, central place. With a consistant way of catoguing your legal data, you ensure your legal data is always accurate.

Keep track of deadlines

Set alerts and monitor tasks

Set alerts and reminders for critical events like contract renewals, filing deadlines, and compliance policies. Assign tasks and configure simple workflows to increase efficiency across the business.

Save time and money

Save time and money

Save time and money in tracking your organization's legal information. Avoid unnecessary costs associated with manual errors and missed deadlines.

Optimize resources

Insightful reports & risk management

Generate accurate, reliable reports on contracts, claims and company information at the touch of a button. Efficiently manage legal risk combining legal expertise with a structured approach to collecting relevant data.

Easy to start

Easy to get started

We will help import your data and configure effacts to the way you work today. There’s little training required because it’s so simple - you’ll be up and running in a matter of days.

More than 1,000 companies already use effacts. Here's what they say:


“I can’t imagine a legal life now without effacts. Before effacts, we were unable to effectively keep track of our corporate structure. Now we have on-tap insights into the business and how it’s structured"

Hein Bijl



“I save at least six hours a week using effacts. Then we have 30 to 50 users who are each saving time too. We implemented effacts in a very short timeframe. After we implemented it, it took about only two weeks to get everyone using it"

General Counsel

effacts User


“With effacts I can link all the information together: shareholders, companies, appointments, contracts and more. When I make a change in one place, the system updates everywhere"

Claudia Jacobs

Vebego International