Innovation & law:
Working as a legal counsel in an evolving technological landscape.

The role of the legal counsel has become increasingly more complex – they are expected to be a trusted strategic advisor to the business. They are increasingly aware that technology can increase productivity and efficiency and help the legal team provide value to the business. However, choosing the right tool can be a daunting, time-consuming task. A recent survey found that 51% of legal counsel find it difficult to decide which technology to invest in. On top of this, practical issues are preventing legal tech adoption. That same survey reported 64% have difficulties securing g budget and 56% simply don’t have the time.

How long can you sustain your way of working if you don’t embrace legal technology? During our free one-hour webinar, you’ll discover how technology can bring the gains you’re looking for in productivity and efficiency. Our legal consultant will tackle common misconceptions surrounding legal technology and present a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing processes and tools.

What you will learn:

    • Why you can’t sustain your current way of working without support from legal tech
    • How investing in legal tech can help you save time and take on a strategic role
    • Features of legal tech tools that help you increase productivity and efficiency


Key takeaways

Best practices for implementing cloud-based legal technology tools
Why you need to embrace legal technology or risk being left behind

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effacts is a secure online repository for all your legal information that has smart functions to help you get the most value out of it.

    • Store. Easily organize your key contracts, company documents, claims and compliance policies in one central place.

    • Find. Get easy, instant access to the information with powerful Google-style searches.

  • Summarize. Make key information from long documents more visible and understandable to the whole organization.

  • Track. Build workflows to help you manage risk in contracts, entities, claims and policies.

  • Report. Generate detailed reports and charts that can provide the management information your team or your board needs.

  • Share. Give permission-based access to different departments to allow them to see the information that helps them do their jobs better.

  • Empower. Set up self-service portals to enable different departments to manage their own legal affairs, with your legal oversight.

effacts modules

Entity management

Entity Management

Contract Management

Contract Management

Claim Management

Claim Management

Compliance management

Compliance Management