Use Case
Preparing for due diligence

Collect due diligence information hassle-free

As General Counsel, you may be called upon to prepare due diligence for a potential investor or buyer. To ensure the deal is a success, you may need to commit significant legal resources and budget towards retrieving, summarizing and sharing data.

See how effacts can help maintain a complete and up-to-date record of company information and share due diligence information securely.














effacts is a secure online repository for all your legal information that has smart functions to help you get the most value out of it.

    • Store. Easily organize your key contracts, company documents, claims and compliance policies in one central place.
    • Find. Get easy, instant access to the information with powerful Google-style searches.
  • Summarize. Make key information from long documents more visible and understandable to the whole organization.
  • Track. Build workflows to help you manage risk in contracts, entities, claims and policies.
  • Report. Generate detailed reports and charts that can provide the management information your team or your board needs.
  • Share. Give permission-based access to different departments to allow them to see the information that helps them do their jobs better.
  • Empower. Set up self-service portals to enable different departments to manage their own legal affairs, with your legal oversight.